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Learning Without Walls
Reconnecting children, teachers and families with nature
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A partnership between NIFSA and the Dufferin Foundation at Clandeboye
Dendron Lodge - Clandeboye

What is the Learning Without Walls initiative?

The Learning Without Walls initiative is the vision of Lady Dufferin and the collaboration of the Dufferin Foundation and the Northern Ireland Forest School Association (NIFSA).

Children are suffering from nature deficit disorder, a term used by Michael Louv in his book "Last Child in the Woods". Evidence is showing that children are suffering from serious mental and physical health issues because they are not spending time outside.

The Learning Without Walls initiative is a series of programmes all designed to get children learning outside in the natural environment with their schools, youth groups and families.

Get involved with Learning Without Walls now. Choose the right programme or programmes for you from the list below.

Dendron Lodge - Clandeboye Nature Rangers Programme Dendron Lodge - Clandeboye

Children from local Primary Schools have the opportunity to participate in local after-schools Nature Ranger programmes. Pupils are picked up after school and spend every afternoon outside in local woodlands and parks. Income generated from the programme goes to supporting local Schools and Nurseries in becoming Forest Schools.

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Dendron Lodge - Clandeboye Forest School Families Clandeboye

Register your family for free with the Forest School Family scheme. Once registered you will be shown some simple practical activities that all your family can enjoy in the local Park. Forest School Family Residential weekends will be held regularly at Clandeboye Estate in Bangor.

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Dendron Lodge - Clandeboye Forest School Awards Clandeboye

This is the official Outreach Programme for the Learning Without Walls initiative. The Forest School Awards encourage, inspire, train and support local schools and organisations to become accredited Forest Schools. Regular teacher training courses will be held at Clandeboye Estate.

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