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Forest School Award Application

NIFSA deliver a comprehensive 6-week Forest School Leader Level 3 training and assessment programme. It also includes a Forest School Starter Kit Bag and Official NIFSA Forest School plaque on completion.
If your organisation would like an opportunity to participate in the programme and you do not have funding then complete the Forest School Awards Application Form.
Local Councils, Government agencies, local businesses and others support organisations that want to become Forest Schools. Complete the Forest School Awards Application Form and NIFSA will actively seek funding to support your application.
Frequently Asked Questions:
- It is preferable that sites should be chosen that are within walking distance. Transport costs are not available.
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council notes:
- Sites could include school grounds, Council Park, Geopark site, Forest Park etc. (It needs to be in the Fermanagh and Omagh District area).
Closing date for Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is currently 6th November 2020.
- Site will be located at Ranfurly House in Dungannon. Transport costs are not included.
Other Council area notes:
- Sites need to be located in a local Council Park. Transport costs are not included.
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Section 1: Organisation Details
1.Name of Organisation
2.Address of School
4.Contact Name
5.Email Address
6.Phone Number
7.Local Council Area
Section 2: Proposed Forest School site and project
Please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" information above for details on sites considered by your Council.
8.Proposed Forest School site
9.Name of Council Park or Other
10.How do you propose to travel to the site?
Please provide detail to include any financial considerations.
11.Proposed year group
12.Estimated number of pupils/children regularly attending
13.How would your school benefit from winning a Forest School Award? Please outline, in particular how the class you have selected for participation this year will benefit more than others.(100 words)
14.When Covid-19 restrictions are eased or lifted will you encourage parents/other volunteers to take part? If yes, how will you do this? (100 words)
15.Please outline what methods you will use to share and promote the benefits of outdoor learning, especially in the current Covid-19 climate (100 words)
16.How do you plan to continue the Forest School Programme in future years? (100 words)
17.Have you previously received support from the Council to participate in a Forest School programme? PLEASE NAME
18.Please outline if your school is part of a shared education programme (100 words)
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