Forest School Awards
The outreach programme for Learning Without Walls

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Case Studies

Shared Education - Education Authority

Schools involved - Whitehouse Nursery and Primary School and St James Nursery and Primary School

Whitehouse and St James Nursery and Primary Schools have been working closely together for over 21 years. The two Principals are always keen to pursue new initiatives to further cement their special relationship. Funding was secured to bring in the services of NIFSA every Wednesday morning for a year. Parents were sent a letter to see how many would be interested in volunteering at the Forest School sessions. A fantastic response with over 22 parents willing to take part. NIFSA developed Forest School sites within the schools' grounds. Activities would take place alternately at each school - one week it would be at St James and the next week it would be at Whitehouse. Nursery School teachers and parents were involved over the year and they undertook the NIFSA Introduction to Forest Schools training. Activities included - camouflage games, colour match and blind as a bat. The programme was a great success - teachers, pupils and parents all enjoying it. A celebratory event was held at Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey Council Headquarters. It is hoped to secure additional Shared Education funding to work with other teachers in the Primary Schools over the next year.