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How To Become A Forest School

How to Become a Forest School
How to Become a Forest School
There are a variety of NIFSA programmes all designed to get your organisation accredited as a Forest School. These have been developed to suit every budget and need your organisation may have.

Option 1: Apply for a FREE Forest School Award package.

(Only available in areas where Council or local businesses are supporting and limited spaces available every year. We would advise you to complete Option 1 but also look at the other range of options available in case you are not successful).

If your organisation is selected, you win the following:

  • 6-week Forest School Leader Award Level 3 Training for one or two members of staff at your local Council Park. Average one hour per week with the teacher and their class.
  • Forest School Starter Kit Bag.
  • Assistance in the development of a dedicated Forest School site within your local Council Park
  • An entry in the Forest School Awards Directory to promote your Forest School activities
  • Official Forest School plaque
  • Membership to Forest School Awards website that gives information on other Forest Schools in your area, lesson plans, latest research, literature, Forest School products and much more.

Option 1: Apply for a Free Forest School Award now!

Option 2: Join as a NIFSA Member and your organisation can be mentored by a Champion Forest School.

Your organisation joins as a NIFSA Member, with an annual subscription of £100 plus £30 per person undertaking the Forest School Leader Level 3 qualification.

When you join you will be assigned a Champion Forest School. The Champion Forest School will mentor you to become an accredited Forest School. For a full list of Champion Forest Schools please visit the Forest School Directory.
(Any of the schools not marked with an plate can act as your Champion Forest School.)

In addition, you will receive a Scheme of Works from NIFSA to guide you through the process. When you have completed all your assignments for the Forest School Leader Level 3 qualification, a member of NIFSA will assess you leading a Forest School session to ensure you are confident and competent. Finally, when you subscribe, you will have all the benefits of being a NIFSA Member with access to hundreds of Forest School resources, free conferences etc.

Option 2: Apply for NIFSA Membership now!

Option 3: Fund the Forest School Awards package yourself.

Schools and organisations can secure their own funding to undertake the Forest School Award package outlined in Option 1.

Sources of funding can include - Parent Teacher Associations, Awards for All and Shared Education packages.

Costs are £1,500 for one school or £1,650 for two schools involved in a joint programme (the two schools undertake the training together at the same time).

Please complete the Expression of Interest below to register your interest.

Option 3: Register your Expression of Interest now!